Home Physician Care does not sell member data nor does it disclose member information or collect data for third parties. We take precautions to ensure that member data is secure.

Home Physician Care cannot ensure that emails sent to or from Home Physician Care are not intercepted when transmitted over the Internet. Because of this, we caution people about the sensitive nature of the material being sent.

People who send us emails and ask questions will be added to Home Physician Cares' email list for announcements and such. If you wish to be removed from the email list, simply notify us and your name will be removed.

Any personal information collected (including the person's name, address, date of birth, social security number, personal health status, name of employer/doctor/insurance company and other; including any information obtained by our ISP) for use in resolving conflicts and helping the person obtain their goals is kept confidential. This data is not sold and has appropriate administrative, software and physical safeguards.

Please assume that any information that is mailed to Home Physician Care will not be returned.

Home Physician Care may disclose information to consultants, lawyers, and other professionals if their expertise is needed in resolving a problem.

Home Physician Care may chose to modify its privacy policy at any time

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