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Home Physician Care has a proven track record reflecting over a 92% decrease in hospital readmissions

Home Physician Care provides convenient primary medical care in the privacy, comfort, and safety of your home. With recent advances in technology, Home Physician Care can provide or coordinate virtually the same primary medical care in your home that you would receive in a traditional doctor’s office. Our providers will develop an individualized plan of treatment in order to ensure the highest quality care for each patient.

We are a Medicare provider, and accept most Medicare Advantage and private insurance plans in addition to traditional Medicare. Our service area includes all of Georgia as well as select locations in Florida and South Carolina. If you regularly require in-home services or have a physical or mental condition which make it difficult for you to leave your home you may qualify for a physician house call.

Patient Care Includes:

  • State of the Art Equipment
  • All Units are GPS Tracked To Ensure Timely Responses
  • Professional Staff

For a complete guide to all of our healthcare services, click here for a printable brochure.

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